How it works

You choose which of your favourite Thai dishes you want to learn.
You choose which friends you want to learn with. It’s fun to learn with a friend or two.
You choose how many you want to cook for on the day.

I bring all the ingredients, demonstrate real Thai cooking techniques, give lots of tips while having fun and give you recipes for the dishes you learn.

Then you enjoy a beautiful Thai meal with your partner/friends with the satisfaction that you cooked it yourself… and can do it again and again.

The price depends on the number of people learning, the number of dishes learnt and the number of people eating.
Please see the price table on the website at

What you need to do next

Attached is a menu of choices. All foods described as spicy can be made mild if preferred. If you would like any recommendations or would like to learn a dish that is not listed just let me know and I can help. I will also need to know of any allergies.

I need to know
(a) the number of people learning,
(b) which dishes you want to learn and
(c) the number of people eating.

Call/email me to arrange the best time to arrive and discuss any other things like what dishes to learn, allergies etc. Once the booking details and price are confirmed I will send payment details.

Nothing is set in stone. If you want to add another learner, dish or someone eating you just have let me know no later than one week before the booking and pay the difference. No problem.

How long will it take?

Three dishes usually take between 2.5 hrs and 3.5hrs It depends on the chosen dishes. For example, for a curry (green/red/etc.) we will make the curry paste together and this takes longer than a stir-fry. It also depends on the number of people learning and their level of cooking experience. Recently I taught 4 dishes in 3.5 hours as the student already enjoyed cooking. I sometimes need to spend more time with beginners.

What else do I need to know?

In addition to the dishes you choose, I will bring enough Thai Jasmine rice and a rice cooker.
I will bring all the pans, knives, pestle/mortar, rice cooker etc. for cooking but you’ll need dishes for serving (incl. rice bowl and oval dish for fish). The learners will all have some hands-on experience. A central table works well but not essential.
Fresh fruit would make a good dessert.