RTC private cooking class 3 dishes

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RTC (Real Thai Cooking) private cooking class 3 dishes

RTC (Real Thai Cooking) private cooking class with your family and friends. It will be lots of fun.


RTC private cooking class 3 dishes

Class detail

Time : 3 – 4 hours
Location : Your own kitchen

Details :

Enjoy cooking class in your own kitchen

Idea : It’s for everyone who really wants to make the day special. You don’t’ need to worry about parking. Don’t worry about shopping. Don’t worry driving. You can enjoy your favorite drink along when you cooking and share happiness. We come to your kitchen with all fresh Thai ingredients.

Popular Set 3 dishes as recommend

  1. RTC Set A;
    • Thai green curry with beef
    • Tomyum soup with prawns
    • Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts
  2. RTC Set B;
    • Thai red curry with beef
    • Steamed fish with spicy lime sauce
    • Tomkha soup with chicken
  3. RTC Set C;
    • Thai Grilled beef with salad
    • Pad Thai noodles with prawns
    • Stir-fried chicken with Basil
  4. RTC Set D ;
    • Thai Panang curry with beef
    • Spicy minced chicken salad
    • Tomkha soup with mixed mushroom

*Note Or your can choose your own dishes and let me know. Need 2 weeks notice

How it works

  1. You choose which of your favourite Thai dishes you want to learn.
  2. You choose which friends you want to learn with. It’s fun to learn with a friend or two.
  3. You choose how many you want to cook for on the day.
  4. I bring all the ingredients, demonstrate real Thai cooking techniques, give lots of tips while having fun and give you recipes for the dishes you learn.

Then you enjoy a beautiful Thai meal with your partner/friends with the satisfaction that you cooked it yourself… and can do it again and again.

The price depends on the number of people learning, the number of dishes learnt and the number of people eating.

Travel charges fee

We proudly serve many areas and we travel outside of our area frequently for private RTC cooking / dinner parties / weekend events, but do charge a travel fee.

20-40 miles of travel will be £15. More than 40 mile of travel will cost £ 25

Additional information

Dish set

RTC Set A, RTC Set B, RTC Set C, RTC Set D


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