Paige Will

We really did enjoy the experience a lot and have told many friends how great the food was!!

We so enjoyed being able to watch look and listen, in a comfortable environment, which was a big thanks to Maria and her lovely kitchen.. we felt relaxed and keen to ‘soak’ up all the methods involved in your cooking.

Unique in a way, that we did not leave the comfort of the home, and you did all the shopping and preparation, which made it such a pleasure to sit back enjoy the experience.

I highly recommend you and will pass on your name whenever the opportunity arises.

I cannot think of anything that needs improving, you both work so well together and everything flows… we get as involved as we want in the prep work and then have the pleasure of eating!

Yes please do use any comments from our group on the evening, and I am hap-py for you to feature my name on your website if you wish.. remember I live in Ascot, so Paige – Ascot.