About Real Thai Cooking
My name is U-sa (like “You Sir!” which is really funny because I always hear my name when someone is not talking to me). My Mum and Thai friends call me by my nickname Apple. You can too if you want. I grew up in North East Thailand (Isaan) where, from a young age, I was taught by my mother and grandmother the art of traditional Thai cooking. I learned to make food balance in taste from many years experience of cooking for friends and family.
After I completed a Bachelors degree in Tourism and Hotel Management I then worked in 5-star hotels for 3 years in Bangkok before moving to England in 2008.

I’m really happy when my guests enjoy my food and ask me how to cook it so tasty.
I look forward to sharing my passion for Thai food with you at your home in a fun and friendly cooking lesson.

👩‍🍳🥣Learn To Cook Thai Food🍲🍚

If you ever want to get fantastic cooking and cuisine experience, then you need to learn how to cook Thai food.

Unlike the regular meals you make almost daily, cooking Thai food is an experience you wouldn’t want to leave. We don’t just teach you how to cook Thai food in your kitchen; we make you find fun and fulfillment while doing it.

Thai cuisine is delicious, easy to prepare, and stand out as the choice for tasty food lovers. Thai food is healthy and nourishing, so when you learn how to make it, you’re sure to make healthy meals even in your kitchen.

At Real Thai Cooking, we take our time to teach you how to cook Thai food in our kitchen, as well as your kitchen. We focus on making you learn, develop confidence and passion for cooking genuine Thai dishes.

Our Thai cooking classes make you feel special, unique, and confident about making Thai food. You’ll meet new people, master new cooking styles and recipes. When you want to take your cooking skills and dieting up a notch, then you need to be part of our cooking classes.

Get in touch now to discover the secrets of delish Thai cuisines!


At our cooking classes, you will meet new people who love to learn to cook Thai food. At the beginning we will introduce you to Thai cooking. You will get involved in our Thai prep and cooking style

Our cooking recipes are always done in easy and flexible way. I will show you how to make adjustments when you cook on your own.

By the end of RTC classes, you will be confident to cook genuine dishes just like home cooked food from thai kitchen.